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The Law Offices of Fleming & Ulkus represents clients in various legal disputes. We take your case to any level of Illinois state courts, from small claims to circuit court, as well as federal district court. Fleming & Ulkus has years of experience trying cases on behalf of clients who have a lawsuit pending against them or their business and clients that want to file a lawsuit against another person or corporation.

Let us sue for you.



If you have been by someone else contact an attorney immediately. An attorney can help you determine how to make sure you preserve your case and start collecting any evidence you may need.

If you have been injured by any of the following:

Group of people
An animal

And possibly others you could be entitled to money for your injury. Let the attorneys of Fleming & Ulkus help you to get what you deserve. Even if you think that the injury was partially your fault you could still be entitled to money damages.



 Creating a will is one of the best ways that a person can determine what will happen to themselves, minor children, pets, and their things after they pass. A properly executed will creates a legally binding document that determines the outcome for the things a person leaves behind. This helps loved ones to have a smooth transition instead of headaches, expenses and uncertainty.

A properly designed and funded trust can protect a family’s assets and avoid the probate process all together. We draft easy to understand trusts for clients wanting to take an active step at ensuring that their family is financially secure for many years to come.

The Attorneys at Fleming & Ulkus have years of experience of helping our clients to divest estates of all sizes from a few thousand dollars to multi-millions of dollars. With our help you can determine your legacy to your family, your community, your friends, or virtually anything else.


The attorneys at Fleming & Ulkus understand that when a client is going through a divorce, it can be the most trying time in their lives. Illinois is a no-fault divorce state in which spouses are not required to prove that the other caused the breakdown of the marriage. Either you or your spouse may obtain a divorce, even if one of you does not consent to the divorce. 

In most divorces, the primary issues to be decided are alimony, spousal support, property division, and if there are children, time sharing and child support. When spouses agree on how to resolve these issues through mediation, they can usually obtain a divorce quickly. However, in many cases, divorcing spouses have disputes regarding their post-marriage financial arrangements and other issues pertaining to their children. Property division and alimony are usually the most contested issues in a divorce proceeding. As such, it is vital to receive early advice of a family law attorney so that it may favorably impact the final result. The Law Offices of Fleming & Ulkus can also help you draft prenuptial or postnuptial agreements. The benefit of these voluntary agreements can help resolve issues concerning debts, expenses, life insurance, retirement plans, property rights, alimony and inheritances. 


Whether you are looking to buy or sell residential or commercial property the Attorneys of Fleming & Ulkus can help. The Attorneys Fleming & Ulkus can make sense of the sometimes cumbersome process to buy and sell property. We are here to assist our clients in getting what they want out of their property.

We can provide services in the following areas:

Writing residential or commercial lease agreements
Landlord / tenant disputes
Lease to own
Sales contracts
Land Trusts
Contract Negotiations
Code Violations
And much more


 Immigration law can be complex and intimidating. Let the experienced attorneys at The Law Offices of Fleming & Ulkus help you navigate this system. We understand how immigration issues directly affect you and your family. We will find the best possible remedy and guide your case through the appropriate federal agencies. Our immigration practice aims to assist our clients with a wide range of services that include the following:

Family-based Visas
Employment-based Visas
Permanent Residence
Green Cards
Deportation Proceedings


The Law Offices of Fleming & Ulkus have decades of experience representing local governments and their agencies. Working for local government has given the Attorneys of Fleming & Ulkus a keen insight into how the system works and how to get things done. We have represented:

Several Illinois Townships
Neighborhood Associations
Districts including:
Fire Protection





Let the Law Offices of Fleming & Ulkus help your government agency to serve your community to the fullest.